The furniture is here!

Today there is a boom planted in front of the sanctuary as the glass workers are finaly gettign the frame and glass installed for the cupola.  This is one of the remaining outstanding tasks to be completed before we are good to go!

The major transformation that occurred last week was the delivery of all the furniture.  The chairs look and feel great, and the chancel furniture is truly a work of art.  Check out a picture of it on the link below.

A week ago last Sunday we hosted a group of 45 college students who were taking a “service road trip”, and spent the night in our Fellowship Hall.  They asked me if they could see the sanctuary.  We went over, and they all sat down in the chairs and marveled at the beauty of the space.  This is a group of young adults ranging all over the place in their religious affiliations.  The overwhelming response was that it felt that this was a Holy Place.

As we have sought to refresh our worship space to be open and welcoming to the next generation, it was music to my ears to hear these words from their mouths!  It was affirmation that we are indeed doing good work in our little corner of the world.  I look forward to welcoming many new faces into our sacred space in the years to come.



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