Update 11/21/11

As you have probably noticed, the Sanctuary Renovation continues to move forward.  The month of November has seen major work on both the inside and the outside of the building with a very exciting afternoon spent with a crane lifting the new HVAC system, which is about the size of a mini-van, up and over the Sanctuary!  The following is a list of items that have been started or completed this month:

·         Selection and ordering of the Sanctuary chairs.
·         Design completed and construction begun of the Liturgical Furnishings.
·         Removal and refurbishing of the Celtic Cross has begun.
·         Framing and refurbishing of the Cupola is in progress and will be finished by the end of the November.
·         Removal of existing roofing will be completed by the end of the month and the new roof will be promptly installed.   Balancing the weather with the removal and installation is a delicate task!
·         Roughing in of all interior lighting has been completed.
·         Completion of concrete work to include the new choir walkway, the chancel, and all areas where electrical boxes were placed into the floor.
·         Formation of concrete interior portal will be finished by the end of the November.
·         Installation of the Halo, frame and duct work, finished by the end of the November.
·         Painting of exterior and interior components is in progress.

In general, there is a lot going on!   Last Sunday, there were roughly 20 members of the Congregation that came into the Sanctuary after the 11:00 am Service.  It was really great to have folks in the Sanctuary to see the progress that is being made and see, first hand, the work that is being done and certainly the progress that is being made.  We are trying to have more members of the Congregation in the Sanctuary on Sundays.  Please join us… it is truly an amazing transformation of an amazing space.  We are getting there and, by the way, remain on schedule and under budget!


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