The furniture is here!

Today there is a boom planted in front of the sanctuary as the glass workers are finaly gettign the frame and glass installed for the cupola.  This is one of the remaining outstanding tasks to be completed before we are good to go!

The major transformation that occurred last week was the delivery of all the furniture.  The chairs look and feel great, and the chancel furniture is truly a work of art.  Check out a picture of it on the link below.

A week ago last Sunday we hosted a group of 45 college students who were taking a “service road trip”, and spent the night in our Fellowship Hall.  They asked me if they could see the sanctuary.  We went over, and they all sat down in the chairs and marveled at the beauty of the space.  This is a group of young adults ranging all over the place in their religious affiliations.  The overwhelming response was that it felt that this was a Holy Place.

As we have sought to refresh our worship space to be open and welcoming to the next generation, it was music to my ears to hear these words from their mouths!  It was affirmation that we are indeed doing good work in our little corner of the world.  I look forward to welcoming many new faces into our sacred space in the years to come.



3-7-12 Update

This morning we had a walk through of the new space.  WOW!  How it is all coming together.  While there are a few tweaks to make over the next few weeks, we are down to a very short punch list.

Just moments ago the outside fencing was taken away, and the dumpster is the next to go.  Inside, the floor is complete, and finishing touches on the paint is being done.  On Friday all the chairs will arrive and be set up, and Saturday the liturgical furnishings will be delivered.

We are still waiting on the glass and metal framing for the cupola as well as the new exterior doors.  Both were held up with a substantial delay due to the excessive flooding at the manufacturing site in PA.  What is interesting to note is that when you stand in the sanctuary now, the only place you can hear the traffic sounds coming from us overhead where the plastic sheeting is covering the place where the glass will go in the cupola.  Being insulated from the noise of the road will be so nice!

It is amazing the transformation that has occurred just in the past week.  The space is so open and bright.  It will be such a time of celebration when we are back in this sacred space.

While a firm date has not been confirmed for our first Sunday back, we are looking at sometime shortly after Easter.  That will give us time to work through all the little issues that always come up in a new space, and be set and ready to go!

The Liturgical Furniture is Finished! And More…

Hope you had the chance to Make your Mark on the flooring of the sanctuary on Sunday!  The messages are so moving, and it means so much knowing that these prayers and scriptures will be inscribed in the very place where we will serve communion, baptize people into the faith, and proclaim the good news of the Gospel.

Things are moving along at a very fast pace these days.  Much of it we can witness in the sanctuary itself, other things are going on behind the scenes.  For instance, the chairs are all completed and just waiting for a finished space to be delivered to.  And our new liturgical furniture is completed as well.  Pictures of these are below.  It is fun to watch how all the pieces are coming together, and to imagine how we will live into this space anew in the years to come!











And more on the Liturgical Furnishings… AND the Cross!

Update on Liturgical Furniture

Our wood artisan from Century Guild has posted the first progress images of the project at this website:  They are making good progress, as you can see.  These pieces haven’t been permanently assembled, but dry assembled to check the fit.  They have a lot of sanding and such before final assembly, but you can get a better sense of what they will look like.

Update 12/1/11

This week we had another walk through with the architects, and we are now at the 50% completion point in the project!  Incredible work is being down on both the inside and the outside.  The obvious things are the roof, perhaps the most dramatic of all.  But also, this week they installed all the windows, so you can see inside the sanctuary now.  Inside the most notable is the beginning frame for the halo that will house the duct work, speakers, and lighting.

We also sent off the suspended cross for an extended spa trip, you know, for a good exfoliation, and some fresh paint.  Will be as good as new when it returns from its North Carolina holiday!

Exciting stuff going on!  We continue to closely monitor the work, and welcome questions.

Assisted Listening Discussion for the Remodeled Sanctuary, Monday, December 5, 7:00pm

The newly remodeled Sanctuary will have a state of the art Assisted Listening System.  To assure that the needs of the congregation are being met, please join us for a discussion with the sound consultant and a demonstration of the new system.  Bryan Whitney will be in attendance to assure the system’s use and operation is understood and that it meets the needs of the users in the congregation.  If you have any questions or concerns prior to the meeting, please talk with Bryan Whitney or Brent Shoemaker.  This meeting will be held in room 105.